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Wine labels design
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Who is it

Canonica is an Alta Langa winery that has been making for 80 years its own grapes, coming from the organically grown agricultural property and from a selection of grapes that come from suitable areas of the Langhe and Monferrato that combine quality to tradition.


The customer's request was to create a new design for the wine bottle labels. Particular attention was paid to the various production lines on the market, so that they were made clearly distinguishable and with their own identity..


The graphic department analyzed the customer's requests, after which it proposed the realization of three different solutions, proposing different elaborations of the required concepts and making sure that the customer could compare them and choose the most suitable for his needs.

Preliminary study

The first operation performed was an analysis of the labels used by the customer at the time of the request for intervention. Not only the design was studied, but also the colors, fonts and the various production lines on the market.



An important part of this preparatory phase was represented by a design study for the most popular designs for these processes, and what the customer's main competitors have adopted for their products, so as to have a basis from which to create a design. completely new.

Chromatic identity

Having to create labels for different production lines, the first step was to match each one with an identifying color, in order to make them unique and recognizable at first glance.

Proposal 1

The first design proposed is the result of the reworking of the original design of the labels, rendered in a contemporary way and with typefaces adapted to current trends. A reinterpretation of an iconic design.

Proposal 2

For this graphic, hand-drawn illustrations of floral themes have been used, some details of which have been decorated with the identifying color of the production line, all to give the artisan atmosphere and the close link with the nature of the company.

Proposal 3

In the third design submitted to the customer, more emphasis was placed on the name of the wine, which occupies the largest space of the label, accompanied by background graphic elements that accompany the label, such as low-opacity writings, geometric or small shapes drawings.

Creation of mockups

To illustrate the proposals and provide an idea of the effect of the labels on the bottles, the graphic department created mockups of different types of bottles, thanks to which the customer was able to have in front of him a plausible image of what the job would look like once it was done.

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