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Dynamic website restyling
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Who is it

LThe Roberto Palma funeral home company has been operating in all contexts of the funeral sector in Piedmont and throughout the Asti area since 1991. With its own means and affiliated with a service company in the area, it manages funerals in Asti, more than one a day, when necessary.


The customer requested the intervention of the Studios to completely renew their web image, which was getting old as it wasn’t updated with the current new stylistic canons. In addition, an intervention on the accessories portfolio was requested, because it was too cumbersome.


Our dedicated department proposed to the customer the total makeover of the site, with the updating of the layout, the photographic image and the style, so that it was made more in keeping with current trends, while maintaining the austere setting that a funeral agency must have.


By consulting the old web system, it was found that the entire site was old and also outdated both in the image and in the general layout. For this reason the first intervention focused on the theme change.

Web identity

Thanks to the preparation briefings, we drew up a more up-to-date profile for the customer, with the indication of the zonal target to be reached and the analysis of the style adopted in the work. The graphics department agreed that the adoption of an elegant and solemn style would have benefited the final result.


An atmosphere of elegance and respect for the customer. The site was redone starting from a design with simple but refined lines, which immediately suggested to the user the professionalism and confidentiality with which Palma approaches very delicate moments in the life of each person.



The Portfolio area has been completely redesigned, with the adoption of dynamic filters that facilitate navigation. The categorization is carried out via a dedicated page, while the portfolio has been organized with cards that give ample prominence to the image and bear the main details on the side.

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