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Dynamic portfolio restructuring
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Who is it

Tissue paper converting company, present on the national and international market for over 30 years, ICA Tissue offers a complete service suitable for every need, with the production of over 10 types of paper in mother reel format.


The request for our Studios was to update the website to make it match the current layout and design standards, with particular attention to the portfolio categories, of which the client wanted to improve the visualization for customers.


The proposal our team made to the customer involved the creation of a new website graphic design, with a total restyling of the layout and the reorganization of the categories of the portfolio to create an interface with a high usability.

2016 web solution

New restyling

Problem analysis

Looking at the old website portfolio, our team found that it was categorized too confusingly and it was lacking in filtering variety. Furthermore, on the website there was no reference to the customer's decades-long history, nor to the main target sectors of the products.

Identity study

The publishing department held meetings with the management of the company, aimed at understanding the history and mission of the customer, to create a section -that didn’t exist on the old site- that could transmit to users the experience and evolution of the brand over the years.

Target analysis

We carried out an in-depth analysis of all possible product applications, from private to industrial ones, to create a detailed list of activities that can benefit from certain customer products.


The style of the entire site has been revised to create a theme more in keeping with current design and layout trends. In this way it has been made more contemporary and usable, maintaining the blue color of the logo and creating a much lighter and more intuitive banner structure for the end user.

Dynamic filtering

Products have been categorized and filtered in more detail, so that you can start from applications and uses to find the product indicated. We paid particular attention was also to the materials, which are now more recognizable and allow a more specific filtering.

2021 web solution