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Who is it

Reference point of Barbaresco cuisine, Bistrot Antinè is characterized by refinement and elegance with the aim of transmitting this style also to young audiences, in search of new flavors. A refined food style, aimed at everyone.

Chef Bouchard



The customer, who had taken advantage of the creation of the website, requested a restyling work, to reflect the spirit of the place in the web identity as well, a bistro that offers refined cuisine to a young audience, with a fresh and elegant style.



After a study of the current site and of the client, the web development team has thought of a lighter layout, with a contemporary style characterized by geometric patterns, golden details and animations that make it more usable and more suitable for the target he wanted to turn to.

State of fact

The previously active site was thoroughly analyzed, with the detection of the main usability and style issues. At the end of this phase, the department has drawn up a list of the areas on which to intervene, from the web layout to the graphics.

2015 web and photography solution

Target study

The customer needed to hit a younger audience, which is why an analysis of tastes and preferences in this category was carried out, with the aim of creating a product that would perfectly meet the tastes of this audience.

Glamour layout

We have created a style experience for Antinè, which narrates the dishes as works of culinary art that can be enjoyed by everyone. The images of the menu have been inserted in a more up-to-date context, opening the doors to the new generations thanks to a presentation that is both elegant and light.


The site has been lightened thanks to the change of colors and main lines. In fact, we went from an austere black to a white made even more brilliant by the golden inserts. All this has helped to improve the user experience and approach to a reality open to all types of users.

Collateral elements

The entire site has been enriched with geometric motifs presented in grayscale on the backgrounds and in the images, with the aim of decorating and providing a complete graphic identity, eliminating the curved and sinuous lines of the previous version and focusing on geometry, rationality and creativity.


The home page has been characterized with dynamic movements for hover, especially the menu section, which make it lighter and more playful, while maintaining the refinement of the dishes, communicated by the photographic style and the scenographic setting of the shots.