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Carni Barone

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Who is it

The Barone butcher, founded in 1980, has always worked with competence and professionalism to offer customers quality products. A reality rooted in local tradition that goes further, also looking at the foreign market to establish itself and achieve the highest quality standards.



In the process of modernization and adaptation of the communication standards of the business, the customer wanted to create a targeted social plan to reach new customers and promote their products.



The Social Media Managers submitted to the customer a publication plan that would enhance the products, highlighting the customer's productions, with the opening of the "Shop" section, and targeted publications.



From the analysis of the current state and the historical legacy of the customer, it was necessary to create a brand that reflected the Street Food inspiration, which has always been one of the customer's strengths, but aimed at a younger audience with different requests.



The customer's main products have been included in the "Shop" section offered by the Facebook page, with a direct link to the website for purchase via eCommerce. We have inserted dedicated cards for the products, created by our graphic department.

Graphic adaptation

The profile picture has been updated along with the cover image, which was designed to suggest the page's promotional line from the first glance, highlighting some products.


Based on the images taken by the photographic department, we created new posts featuring a marble-style theme, representing the butcher's counter. For posts on the rotisserie, a bag pattern suggests the idea of takeaway food.

Organic promotion

The strategy of expanding the catchment area has provided for the registration of the page to specific groups frequented by interested users. This helped insiders to analyze more thoroughly the correct target to which to turn their attention.

  • +10,626 People reached - 17.910% increase
  • +686 Page Views - 6,759% increase
  • +268 Page Followers - 26,700% increase


All the posts have been designed and created with the intention of promoting the brand and enhancing the great work of the butchers with the different cuts of meat. In the sentences, we tried to enhance the quality of the cuts and the possibility of purchasing online.

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