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Reference point of Barbaresco cuisine, Bistrot Antinè is characterized by refinement and elegance with the goal of transmitting this style also to young audiences, in search of new flavors. A refined meal, aimed at everyone.


The owner of this restaurant in the Alta Langa region asked us to strengthen the presence of their restaurant on the Facebook platform, with a series of publications that suggested the idea of a restaurant attentive to the quality, detail and refinement of its flavors.



The social management team has thought of creating mosaic posts, characterized by golden details and short and incisive sentences, to intrigue and target the public. The use of elements referring to the website leads to wanting to visit the page directly.


The Publishing section has developed concise and effective texts, with short sentences that suggest exclusivity and attention to detail. The posts were accompanied by short and incisive paragraphs, with the aim of encouraging the public to discover more.


The posts were created starting from photographs provided by the customer, which were adapted to the processing and integrated with graphic elements and golden details, which suggest an idea of exclusivity and at the same time recall the color choice of the website. Geometric patterns have been implemented in the background.


Thanks to a study on the audience to whom the campaign was to be addressed, a specific target was defined to hit, adapting and calibrating the creation of the posts on the basis of what emerged from the preliminary study analysis.

  • +346% People reached in one month
  • +188% Interactions in one month
  • +69% Likes on the page

Contents and scheduling

A careful analysis of the content to be shared in every single post is a crucial step, together with the careful planning of publication days and times, to hit the right target at the right time.

Start of the project
01 Jul 2020
15 Nov 2020